Monday, December 27, 2010

Wondering. Waiting. Woo-hooing!

All week, snow had been in the forecast for Christmas Day. This made for urgent and important news because apparently Charlotte hasn't experienced a white Christmas in 63 years. Salt trucks were loaded and ready. Grocery stores were selling out of bread and milk. 

Us Northerners laughed at the frenzy, but also crossed every finger and toe hoping for snow. Christmas without snow just isn't... well, just isn't Christmas. I'm sure there is something buried in one of the Gospels that mentions the shepherds trudging to the stable through deep snow. Or maybe the wise men galloping on camels through snow drifts. Snow just has to be on the ground on Christmas if it's really going to be Christmas. At least that's what us Northerners think.

We woke up Christmas morning to cold temps and cloudy skies, but no snow. We enjoyed a fun and festive day with a warm fire and hot cocoa, but no snow. However, by the time the day was ending, we looked out our window and erupted in gasps and hoots and shouts: SNOW!
Sunday morning dawned beautiful and white. The snow was fresh and crisp... and sticking to the ground!
Although over 900 area churches were cancelled, ours was not. Wanna know why? Our Senior Pastor is from Michigan. Yup, us Northerns don't panic for two inches of snow.

That, and something our pastor said along the lines of, "If the mall is open at 9:00 am, despite the snow, to support materialism, then certainly our church can be open on a snowy morning to worship the Lord."

I suppose that's true, but it's just more fun to tease  the way of life in the South.
After church we hustled home to get our gear on and play outside! After all, the snow was bound to melt and be gone by the end of the day.

The boys could not wait to get outside and make snow angels and a snow man. I insisted on a few pics first, since it's not all too likely we'll see snow again this winter.
Oh me, oh my! Who is that handsome man and darling little lady? I gotta find a way to hug and kiss 'em both!
Annalyse didn't make a peep while she was outside. Probably because she was so buried in her 9-12 month sized snowsuit and was sweating and stunned that I actually thought it was cute to put her in it and plop her in the snow.
The boys got right to work making a snow man. They practically cleared our front yard of all the snow by the time the snow man was rolled and stacked.
Ta-da! Our snow man - that's wearing pink. I called it a beautiful snow lady and Grady Lee quickly corrected me and said, "No Mom, it's a handsome snow man because just the boys made him."
The afternoon wore on, and with the sun shining directly on our snow man, the torso and head began to give way. Grady Lee began to panic that it was about to fall, so Dad obliged and went outside to re-stack our falling snow man. 

It's now Monday afternoon and that silly snow man is still standing tall - although he is melting at a fast rate, given that it's bright sun and 45 degrees. I think it's supposed to be 60 degrees by Friday. For us Northerners, 60 degrees almost merits summer weather. Almost. 


  1. So happy for you all that you had snow!!

  2. Wow, you have been a busy blogger catching up on everything!
    What a great snow "man"! First thing Jack asked was, "Why is the snowman wearing PINK?"
    That photo of you with all 3 kids in the snow is TOO cute! And I love what us moms will do to get a cute photo...I totally would plop my baby down in the snow, too...after all it is her first snow & you have to document it for posterity!