Thursday, December 23, 2010


This week is almost over. And what have I accomplished? I'm not sure, but I feel like it's been nonstop.
The weekend is almost here. And what will I accomplish? I'm not sure, but I'm hopeful for a whole lot of memory-making.
The forecast calls for some sloppy white snow on Christmas. Will it actually happen? Who knows, but my boys are sure hoping it comes.
All I want for Christmas is a full night of sleep. Will it actually happen? Who knows, but I'm not betting the last few frosted sugar cookies on it.
My boys are growing too fast. Will they remember the days of simple play? Even when the days seem long and I'm tired, I know I'll look back in ten years with fondness.
My Baby Girl is changing every day. Will she always share a smile and think it's fun to wear enormous bows? Probably not, and that's why I'm making the most of these special days now.
The "deep" ponderings of a Mom. So much to think about. So much to wonder about.


  1. I just cannot get enough of Annalyse's cute.cute.cute smile! She's such a doll! I'm sitting here & can't believe it is Friday already!!! A whole week of vacation gone...and Christmas tomorrow! Hope that you guys have a memory-making, fun-filled, wonderful Christmas!!

  2. this sweet post. Your kids are just precious! Wishin' you and your ADORABLE family a very Merry Christmas!