Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christmas Happenings

I'm training my boys that cooking and baking are fun. Almost every evening when I'm preparing dinner one of them will sit on the counter next to me and help me scoop and measure and stir (and spill). The really like to bake, though, mostly because they know they can lick spatulas and beaters.

love frosted sugar cookies. Love them, I tell you, love them! I let the boys help me roll and cut a few batches, which was a floury but fun mess. Then, I let them have free decorating reign over a batch of simple circles... as much frosting and sprinkles as they wanted. 
These cookies were going to be just for them - earned when they ate all of their dinner, demonstrated a good attitude, and, ahem, used the potty (MICAH!!). 
 How is this for an overly-decorated batch of sugar cookies? 
Our house has been super cinnamony lately, thanks to my handy craftsmen. I happen to love the smell, but Grady Lee has informed me, more than once, that "there sure is a funny small in here, Mom. It makes my nose hungry." 
They had a lot of fun mixing cinnamon and applesauce, rolling the dough, and cutting various shapes for tree ornaments. They were pretty confused, however, when I told them these would not be yummy cookies to eat. They looked and smelled good - why wouldn't they taste good too?

I could tell Micah snuck a taste when I wasn't looking. His eyes were watery and he had brown drool all over his chin and shirt. My guess is that he gulped a huge ball of cinnamon and couldn't spit it out fast enough. I just ignored it and had a good laugh with myself.
Who woulda thunk, but Rudolph has been the holiday hero this year. It didn't take much effort to come up with a couple of reindeer crafts that had my boys giddy. 
Every morning when the boys come downstairs, they look under the tree. The other day I overheard Grady telling Micah that "we need to look every day in case Santa comes early." Good luck boys and keep on looking. I'm pretty sure, though, that Santa isn't coming until after bedtime on the 24th, but whatever makes your heart smile as you anticipate....


  1. Loved the idea of the cinnamon ornaments...just googled a recipe and never knew it was just a couple ingredients! Hoping to do them with the girls this week! Thanks again for a fun craft idea!

  2. Precious, precious, precious, every bit!
    Those overly-decorated sugar cookies sure do look YUMMY!