Saturday, August 14, 2010

Showers of Love and Showers of Blessing!

Last weekend some of the girls from our College Group got together and organized a surprise baby shower. I arrived to what I thought was a "hang out and eat dessert and talk night" and was greeted by pink balloons, gifts, and a unified yell of "Surprise!" Totally wasn't expecting that.

Oh my goodness, oh my goodness! The cute and fun gifts they showered me with! Pink and bows and flowers and lace and lovies and diapers and blankets... I am so overwhelmed by their generous thoughtfulness toward me and my Baby Girl.

Games involved cutting a piece of yarn that was supposed to be the size of my waist... unfortunately everyone cut a piece that was too big, which unanimously confirms that I am indeed large!

We also played "Guess what's in the baby food jar" but weren't allowed to smell or taste any of it. It was much harder than you'd think. And no, even though I'm a mom that has used the stuff for two kids, I didn't win the game!

And dessert... heaven came down in the form of a layer of Oreo cake, a layer of chocolate ganache, and a layer of white chocolate cake - all covered in butter cream frosting. The best part? Homemade by one of the girls!

(Go ahead, wipe the drool off your keyboard.)

Girls, you all are amazing and thoughtful and generous and kind and caring and a tremendous blessing! Thanks for going above and beyond to help me welcome my Baby Girl. I love each of you!


  1. I can actually hear you sqealing with delight as you open those girly girl gifts :)

  2. Whoo-hooo, looks like such a fun baby shower! I love your expression in all of the pictures with the adorable baby girl clothes! And that cake truly does sound divine, mmmmm! So glad you were showered with love & blessings!