Tuesday, August 3, 2010


The boys and I spent a few hours at ImaginOn today. They loved it and I'm not sure they realized we were in a library though. After all, not many libraries have trolley trains for you to drive or bins of blocks to build with or bins of cars to race on the ground.

We did our share of book reading - mind you it was from the inside of a fireplace. But still, we read some books.

We sat through an animated story time about penguins and even danced a penguin dance. Well, the kids did, I did not. My pregnant belly just wasn't in the mood. The best part, of course, was blowing bubbles at the end and pretending we were penguins playing in the snow.

When story time ended, we had a picnic lunch and then finished making the rounds and exploring new toys.

A little learning. A lot of fun. And totally free.


  1. that has to be the coolest library ever!!! wow, i'd had so much fun there myself. :-) i love all the cool settings, yet the light table, the manipulatives, and wow!!! i'm just so impressed how well it is designed for little kids. and that is local to where you live? lucky you! :-)

  2. Look at you!!! You make me look bad as a homeschooling mom...taking them to Imaginon, Latta plantation, Raptor center, and the list goes on and on and on!!! You're amazing, preggo Mama!!
    BTW, love Grady's haircut!

  3. Thanks for visiting, ImaginOn. I'm pretty sure there was more learning than you thought though...