Monday, August 23, 2010

Heaven Help Me

The other day Grady was busy working in his office. The boys were in the living room watching TV while I was in the kitchen preparing dinner.

Grady: "Boys! Hey boys! Come here quick!"

Grady Lee: (Ffllyyiinngg off the couch) "What Daddy? What do you need?"

I hear muffled shuffling and excited voices but I can't make out what's happening on the other side of the house.

Grady Lee: (Shrieking) "A lizard, Mom, a lizard! I caught a lizard in Daddy's office!"

As I grab my camera and head to the office, Grady meets me half way grinning.

Grady: "I didn't want to touch that thing but I knew the boys would catch it for me."

Me: "Seriously? Seriously? You, the man of the home. The protector of our family. You ask a four year old to catch a teeny tiny lizard?!"

As Grady Lee lets the lizard go on the front porch we hear Micah yell from the office inside.

Micah: "The lizards tail fell off! I'll get a bowl!"

Micah sprints to the Tupperware cabinet in the kitchen and returns to the office to scoop up the still-wiggling tail. And yes, he is sitting on a baby doll. And yes, that is a toy bottle he is holding. Prior to the lizard scenario, he was feeding the baby on the couch.

Wow... a husband afraid of lizards; a four year old who couldn't get on his hands and knees quick enough to catch the poor thing (that is now without a tail); and a two year old that wants to fake feed a fake baby and scoop up dismembered body parts.

Heaven help me.

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