Monday, July 5, 2010

Our Own Fun

Fourth of July was relaxing. And that - that - trumps any BBQ, firework display, or party with friends. Instead of heading out, we opted to stay home and enjoy the day as a family. Maybe next year The Fourth will be more exciting since I won't be large and tired and nauseas.

After church the boys and I took a three-hour nap. That's correct: a three-hour nap. It was glorious.

Grady fired up the grill for dinner and when dinner was done, we headed to a local park to play soccer. Actually, I parked myself on the sidelines and cheered on my three dashingly handsome men as they ran and kicked.

Grady and I had to stifle many laughs whenever we looked at Grady Lee. Poor kid has feet that have grown this summer and his tennis shoes no longer fit. But, since he can't play soccer in sandals, I had him wear some old church shoes. He looked beyond ridiculous running around the field in church shoes with bright white crew socks and sunglasses bobbing up and down when he jumped. Only a monther could love that kid.

After getting hot and sweaty and thirsty, we came home for baths and sparklers. The boys went through several packages of them and had fun swirling them and trying to make letters from their name.

And then 10:00 pm rolled around and Grady and I listened to a plethora of fireworks exploding everywhere around us. We kind-of-sort-of wished we were out watching them... but then were really glad to be home and not fighting crowds and traffic. For us, staying home was a good decision this year.

What about you - how did you spend The Fourth?


  1. Doing the same thing as you....absolutely nothing. Well, minus the least you went out. The kids and I stayed here and took naps. Heather went out last night but Lindsay, Brad, and myself played lots of games. It was glorious. The only sad part of the day is I couldn't spend it with my husband :(

  2. we have stayed home for the 4th for several years. so late with young kids, the next day is not worth it! sometimes daddy lights off little fireworks for them and they think it's great. now they have come to expect it and this year daddy didn't buy any so...we went to the fireworks. luckily in our little town, getting out of the crowds after is not so awful. we just had to spend the week getting caught up on lost sleep! -erica