Saturday, July 31, 2010

Friday Fun

We met friends for lunch on Friday - not really for the lunch so much, but for the indoor playground where our kids could play and not be in 100 degree temps. (And by the way, how come my kids can't just smile nicely? Why the determiniation to get a hamburger dunked into ketchup and why the squinty-eye face? Sigh.)

Here's the thing: I'm not a fan of day care mini-buses pulling in and unloading dozens of kids to run and play and trample everyone else. We all know that Grady Lee has a low tolerance for loud noises and big crowds. And we all know the child has a set of lungs that he's not afraid to use. The sudden influx of kids had my little man in tears and stranded on the third level, refusing to move. Only a mother's love would prompt me to hike up three flights of stairs and ward off loud kids to grab my kids arm and hike back down again.

After that fiasco, we called it quits and headed home. Actually, I think it was after Micah tripped on the stairs and got a bump on his face. I can't remember which - it's a blurr.

The boys were pumped to make personal pizzas for dinner that night. In fact, they reminded Grady and I almost every dinner last week that "on Fwiday we're making pizzas and don't need vegetables." Friday arrived and they were hungry for dinner!

After dinner we headed to the pool to swim for a couple of hours. The boys are both great wall-jumper-offers and it came to the point that we had to tell them to stop because they were starting to do crazy tricks like spin and twist and jump backwards. I'm all for the adventure of testing personal limits, just not when you're two or four and can't swim on your own yet.

Micah thinks wearing his goggles and staring at the bottom of the pool is very cool. Not sure why, but he'll inhale an enormous breath and suddenly dunk his face in the water. Strange, but still cute.

By 8:00 pm, it was time to head home, despite the tears of both boys that we had to "leave already cause we just go hheerrreee!"


  1. L-O-V-E the pics of the boys & their crazy wall jumping antics! So cute! You have the sweetest family!
    Love the new blog look, too!

  2. Okay, a new look here again! Love it! I also love that you like having fun changing up your blog, very fun. Looks like a super fun Friday too. We finally dragged Daddy to the pool. He's not much for the pool but I challenged to go at least once with us in August too and Sept. Wanted to also let you know I have another giveaway going on. Stop by if you get the chance. (It's a $40 gift card to CSN stores! I did a product review the last time they asked me and this time I thought a giveaway would be fun.)