Monday, June 14, 2010

The Church

Grady and I love the Church. We pray for the Church. We hurt for the Church. We give to the Church. We serve in the Church. We are blessed beyond description that God has placed us in the Church. The Church is our family.

Coincidentally, we have friends and family who don't share the same passion for the Church. And that's okay - sometimes.

Interestingly, Barna Research says that by the age of 29, 70% of young adults will have disengaged or walked away from the Church. And that's not okay - ever.

The following clip is Grady trying to convey to some of our college students the necessary passion and commitment they need to develop for the Church.

"Your role in the church is a reflection of how you see yourself in Christ. Those that understand who they are in Christ will embrace their church responsibility. Church is not here to serve us... we are here to serve the church." Grady

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  1. Way to bring it Grady!!! That was a wonderful lesson & I know that God is doing great things through you guys in the college ministry. Thank you both for serving so devotedly!
    Thanks for sharing this on your blog, Sarah!