Sunday, February 28, 2010

Weekend Re-Cap

Saturday evening we joined several of our college-age friends for some indoor rock climbing. Grady was crazy-excited for the challenge and took on every climb he could. I, being pregnant and nauseas, wandered around holding purses and coats and taking pictures. And I have to say, I'm pretty bummed I couldn't give climbing a try. I am definitely going back when this baby is out!

After rock climbing, we went out for a good, nutritious, and healthy dinner at Cook Out. Have you ever been? The place is a grease pit... but SOOO good. Seriously, a double cheeseburger, fries, corndog, and vanilla malt for only $5? Can't wait to go back. After all, I'll likely bring up everything I eat so it's really not that unhealthy for me to eat.

And today, Sunday,! What an amazing day of worship and praising the God of all nations. I love kick-off Sunday for our Annual Missions Conference. I cry every time the missionaries walk the aisles carrying a flag from around the world. Such a beautiful sight! Having a great choir and praise team sing a passionate song about Jesus' redeeming love and saving grace added to the emotion. Powerful.

Our college group had the chance to join a Calvary Church missionary for lunch afterward. It was fun to pack 15 students around several tables for an hour of laughing and talking together. And, my darling-but-very-tired toddlers did pretty good too. A fork stabbing a lump of Play-Doh, an endless supply of chips and salsa, and entertainment from doting college girls and Grandma kept them entertained.

The best part of the weekend? My parents are here! (Just in case you missed yesterday's post... the best story ever.) My parents went to the playground, played football, did puzzles, raced cars, and gave my boys 100% of their attention all weekend. Sadly, at 5:30 this morning, my dad loaded up his car for a 12-hour trip home. I love that man - there is no better Dad out there.

My Mom stays until next Saturday and is in the midst of massive plans to stock my cupboards and freezer with groceries; to make several meals and baked-goods for days when I can't do it myself; and to totally clean every nook and cranny of my home so it's spotless. *Bliss*


  1. Sarah, i'm so glad to see that you have a much better weekend. :-) now i'd like to know how your mom magically give your boys all that time, energy & attention while take such amazing care of you plus your house & the foods/! what's the trick? i need to know...well, i need that trick... :-)
    ~ Wen-Yi

  2. Sounds like a totally splendid weekend! I love the pictures of your mom playing with the boys!
    It was a great service today!! Have a super week!

  3. Fun times! What a sweet blessing to have your mom there. I'm sure it blesses her as much as you! And how WONDERFUL for the boys!!! Aren't we blessed to have such great moms??
    We only got to see the flag ceremony - we were in Tyler's class...and brought them all in to see the different missionaries! It was awesome!!!
    Hope you enjoy your week...sorry Mom about the snow! :-)
    PS We went ice skating while I was pregnant...and I held the coats and watched all the fun (and froze)!!!