Friday, February 26, 2010

The Simple Things

I love good mail days! You know, mail that is anything other than bills, Valu-Pak coupons, and something soliciting money. I had a couple of good mail days this week - some new magazines and some personal, handwritten notes. Yes, that's right: handwritten. I get a lot of emails and Face Book messages - and maybe someday I'll get some Tweets. But handwritten, stick-a-stamp-on-an-envelope, kind of mail is fairly rare for me.

We received several Anniversary cards this week. Seriously, how precious is it that my grandparents remember our anniversary when they have so many other grandkids and great-grandkids to think about?

I opened a card this week and out dropped $20 with a tender note. A family member sent Grady and I some money to cover the cost of babysitting so that he and I could enjoy a dinner out. Granted, I'm pregnant and hormonal, but I had tears from the generous thoughtfulness of that person.

What about you - what Simple Thing made your week?


  1. So sweet! Don't you love little thoughtful treats like that? We had a sweet couple give us a giftcard and extra cash to pay a sitter a couple of weeks ago. It was like manna from heaven...there just when we needed it most!!!

  2. that's so your sister in law is realizing I forgot to send an anniversary card this year...oops! Hope you had a special day!

  3. I'll tell you, I thought about your "Simple Things" posts one day this week when I was acting goofy while changing Drew's diaper. He was smiling so big & giggling at me...that was one of the simple things this week that made my heart sing!