Thursday, February 4, 2010

Mission Accomplished

You know, sometimes it's just good to stay home. To avoid errands. To skip play dates. To eat at home. To say no to church involvements. To pass on going to the park. Well, today was that day - the one in a million - where I chose to stay home.

Thursdays are usually sleep-in days since we don't get home from church until late on Wednesday evening. Today was no exception and the boys slept until 8:15ish this morning. Loved the extra few minutes in bed.

We had a busy morning of crafts - painting, stickers, markers. They never say no when I ask if they want to paint.

And, peeling the paper off the back of foam stickers takes forever and a day so that's a guaranteed way to pass time constructively.

I baked a couple loaves of zucchini bread. Between you and me, when I offer it to my boys I call it Cinnamon Cake so that they'll eat it. Little do they know there is shredded, wholesome, nutrient-rich, vegetables in there. (Insert evil laugh.)

Laundry: done. Vacuuming: done. Dishes: done. Ironing: done. Aaahhh... the feeling of productivity!

After naps, the boys hopped in the bathtub for a lloonngg soak. Crayons and bubbles are cheap and fun entertainment.

And now, Thursday is coming to a close. It wasn't too bad being home today. I may need to do it more often...

P.S. The Cinnamon Cake was a hit.

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  1. I [heart} days like that! In fact, I was hoping for one today with this rain, but of course we got a showing notification & had to leave for 2 hours!
    Look at you being all crafty with the kids, ;-)
    Our kids love to paint, fact Darcy just asked in the car today, can we paint at our new house?
    You have two adorable young artists!