Friday, December 18, 2009

The Simple Things

It's Friday. The end of a week. Being a mom of two toddlers often means most of my week has been spent at home.

I know, I know, contentment is a choice. I don't have the newest home. Certainly don't have the biggest home. And most definitely don't have the cutest home.

But, that's why I'm choosing to share some of the simple things around my home that make me happy.

A clean kitchen sink! (Seriously, a kitchen is not a fun place to be when it's messy.)

Dinner in the crockpot and bread rising in the bread machine. (The only thing better than a machine cooking your dinner is someone else actually making and bringing you dinner. And, since there are no pending surgeries or baby deliveries in my near future, I'll settle for the crockpot.)

Handymen Helpers. (AKA: boys playing quietly and nicely together!)

What are the simple things in your home that make you happy?


  1. Oh my goodness, you are a blogging pro already! I love this & especially your two sweet handymen!
    The simple things that make me happy are holding hands with my kids, having conversations with them, having a neat home & if I'm super lucky having a minute to read...

  2. The simple things are beginning to be... watching a football game with my two little boys right next to me, asking me questions about the game...